Entertainment Lineup 2019

We really enjoyed it and appreciated all the hard work you and your crew put into making it such a fun event. it was so fun to see all the folks and dogs dressed to the nines.

Craven' Ukes

You both did a fantastic job with Mardi Gras and this was the perfect performance opportunity for our cloggers…we really appreciate being invited! The entire day went really well, was very organized, and Suzannah you were a great MC.

Wendy, Performer

I really appreciated the two beer vendors. I enjoyed a beer from each of them and they were great. The food trucks were amazing, and the crafts vendors had many interesting items.

Joe Baes

It was awesome! Not having to worry about a PA and having a stage was fantastic!!! Thanks for inviting me to participate! You might need more chairs next year!

Alisa Mike

There will be a stage at 5th Street and Spencer, with musicians every hour (except during the parade):

11 am - Craven’ Ukes
12 pm - Down East Dulcimers
1 pm - Shared Madness
2 pm - Alisa Mike
3 pm - Parade
4 pm - Joe Baes
5 pm - Madame Z